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Advanced AI :

We are Developing AI Based software for surveillance ,biometric and custom software using state of the art computer vision technologies apart from it we develop websites with seo work in it to make your web portal rank higher.Skn Accredited as top Ai Ml company In India.

Powerfull Analytics:

SKN IOT Technology in years has developed  Insightful analytics can give trend data up to one year of data.The powerfull anlaytics is own developed by use of advanced  coding algorithm .

Easy third part integration:

SKN..designs software for surveillance ,biometric attendance and custom Designed on rest api architecture for seamless integration which can easily be integrated with third party software as well hardware of cctv camera, biometric ,access control,intercom can be easily integrated

High Cost Effective:


Delvers high performance on cost effective hardware with software development. IN hardware we have cctv camera, Biometric attendance machine, epbax, anpr camera ,aebas,Boom barrier and access control.

Plug n play:

Starting from biometric device, cctv camera, automatic boom barrier or turnstile with embedded system require less than 30 minutes to install configure and go live



SKN IOT is dedicated for full support in AI and embedded system design with after sales support in cctv camera ,biometric attendance machine and boom barriers as well as intercom in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Retrofit :

SKN Software or peripherals Can be connected to existing cctv infrastructure networks, biometric solutions or any tool.SKN IOT Technology being a software developog company has marked api integration with any software to peripherals.



SKN IOT Technology is known for best neat and clean installation in products like CCTV system, Biometric attendance system, Intercom, Access control including  AI & ML based solutions in Factories, Plants, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges,Industries. of brands like cpplus,hifocus,hikvision,tvt,prama,Realtime,Secuerey,Essl etc.

IOT dealing company expertise in AI based solutions by use Embedded System with help of peripherals : surveillance systems ,biometric attendance with web based and cloud solutions. SKN Is top biometrics attendance system manufacturer with cloud level software. We are top cctv dealers and biometric attendance system dealers in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Our web applications and web solutions with AI integration and digital marketing solutions widely known apart from it we deal with Fire safety, ANPR Cameras, Intercom ,Boom barrier etc we are having great hand in delivering extraordinary solutions in embedded system with help of access control devices, surveillance system like people analytics : people counting, occupancy detection, dwell time detection, tripwire detection,Face detection etc







SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the manufacturer and supplier of visitor Temperature Screening system or automatic visitor temperature recording solution with show and go feature uses Artificial intelligence face recognition linux,android based touch less biometric with infrared array temperature detection sensor with visitor count,male and female count and data storage and supply to cloud.It works on touch less biometric and no-contact biometric authentication process.


SKN IOT Technology has got maximum praise for access control system implementation not only in odisha also in India manufacturing of access control system .In access control we have low power consumtionevices like : turnstile,articulated boom barrier,flap barrier,vertical turnstile,EM lock,boom barrier,biometric door access control system,toll boom barrier,boom gates,folding boom barrier or telescopic boom barrier apart from we install boom barriers automatic boom barriers with rfid,rfid boom barrier control entrance managemnet using entrance management software.For Industries,plants,hospitals,schools we use Industrial boom barrier,best boom barrier price can be obtained from SKN. .Boom barrier bhubaneswar is attracting customer using AI level integration and customization is easily done by SKN IOT Technology.SKN Iot Tehnology si the known boom barrier manufaturer in bhubaneswr,odisha.


SKN IOT Technology has evolved as biometric attendance system dealers in Bhubaneswar as well as in Odisha.Biometric machine with new Technology in biometric attendance has generated in face recognition, palm detection,finger id,rfid ,pin as well in AI we have Temperature detection with mask detection with cloud enabled biometric mobile app and biometric web solution.SKN has developed gps tracking biometric attendance solution where admin can track employee with full transparency and various attendance reports can be availed.aadhaar biometric device or AEBAS attendance devices are also adhaar enrolled employees.Biometric attendance generally comes with thumb imression machine now days pro series long distance biometric are in use.For every manpower simulation time attendance machine is needed.We are dealer of various brands like-zkteco, realtime, essl, securye,essl,biomax,hikvision,mantra,matrix,spectra.


SKN IoT Technology has unveiled an AI-Based Safety Helmet & Jacket Monitoring System, a groundbreaking innovation ensuring real-time safety in diverse industries. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, this system employs an array of integrated sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, temperature sensors, and GPS modules to monitor helmet and jacket wearers. Key features include continuous real-time monitoring, instant hazard detection, and automated alerts to users and safety personnel. The system also logs and analyzes data over time, offering valuable insights for safety protocol optimization. The benefits are substantial, enhancing safety, increasing operational efficiency, and providing data-driven decision-making capabilities. Its applications span a range of industries, including construction, outdoor sports, and manufacturing, making it an indispensable tool for ensuring the well-being of individuals engaged in various activities. With SKN IoT's AI-Based Safety Helmet & Jacket Monitoring System, safety and peace of mind reach new heights, revolutionizing safety practices across industries.


SKN IOT Technology a famous company in field of cctv camera dealers in Bhubaneswar from a cctv camera shop in Bhubaneswar to a cctv dealers bhubneswar has been the journey.Increasing tchnology has brought ip camera in use ,cctv camera installation We install cctv camera like ahd camera,ip camera,wirelss camera,ptz camera, anpr camera, solar camera,spy camera with bullet camera and dome for outdoor and indoor uses. We install cctv cameras in odisha cctv in retail, cctv in Appartment, cctv in malls, cctv in hospital etc. Find us as cctv camera near me. Cctv camera shop near me as we provide best and lowest cctv camera price in Bhubaneswar.


SKN IOT Technology the known name and brand for automatic boom barrier manufacturing an supplying working as boom barrier installation provider .SKN has developed uhf reader boom barrier solution for parking management the boom gate are used for parking,toll and industrial uses.SKN IOT Technology top boom barrier dealer and manufacturer of automatic baarrier you can get boom barrier at best price here.




SKN IOT Technology is the massive player in implementing Artificial intelligence and machine learning solution and project with help of machine learning in Odisha, as an ai and ml company in India numerous projects done in odisha bhubaneswar .As one of the best ai ml company in odisha.we design innovative embedded system with embedded programming as top embedded system company in bhubaneswar, where AI can make any complex structure look simple and can work 24 hours without break. We are top embedded system dealers in Bhubaneswar with IOT which is game changer for operations to perform automation with cost saving and high efficiency.



SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY Is the no1 embedded system software development company In India. With Development ,design nd onsite installation of custom emebedded solution after due testing.SKN IOT Technology is bst embedded software developer in India with high accuracy for make a solution live at site and amc being charged after warranty,

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We implement Anpr solution with car parking number plate recognition with license plate recognitiion(LPR) survelliance as a  anpr cctv dealers in Bhubaneswar with ANPR cctv camera number plate recognition,anpr parking management,lane detection, over speeding,red light violation helmet detection etc through cloud and Anpr software .The license plate recognition (LPR) is the automation based license recognition system called (ALPR) can capture vehicle speed at 70 kmph and distance of 20 meter with varifocal lens.


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SKN Iot technology has been providing boom barrier with UHF reader for parking management and  security purposes .SKN is installing boom barrier with uhf reader for industrial uses also toll boom barrier used for passage of vehicle's in toll operations.As top oem of boom barrier we install ai solutions using boom barrier and flap barrier .

boom barrier with uhf solution provider


SKN Implementing cctv camera solution on advanced version of Ip camera where ptz camera,ip bullet and dome camera can be aligned to make industry standard work.Various brands exists like cpplus camera,hikvision camera with wireless features in wifi cctv camera of brands like cpplus wifi camera systems where wifi cameras can be used for outdoor cctv camera purpose also.In home security systems we have hd cameras,small pan tilt camras also we can go for hikvision ip cameras for better quality with basic features of mobile view is available by simple use of sim base 4g router from remote areas.

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SKN Technology is one of the artificial intelligence based web design company in Bhubaneswar having its skill framework and creative web design Orissa (Odisha) servicesknown for eo company in bhubaneswar and advanced website development. Web Design Orissa is provided by SKN Technology. SKN Technology is a leading global e-commerce web solution provider and technology solutions firm based in Orissa. We offer a wide range of solutions for web Design Company in Bhubaneswar, Web Design Orissa, India like seo for your website,backlink services and website seo promotions,didgital marketing like .



Safety solution is always required a safety equipment dealer in bhubaneswar we provide safety solution may it be fire safety and industrial safety we are major distribution of safety products in bhubaneswar odisha from fire extinguisher, safety helmet ,safety jacket,safety shoes,oximeter,mask,n95mask,fogging machine,paddlesanitizer stand,sanitizer,ppe kit etc are available we provide safety solution by help of AI algorithims to solve any kind of problem/detection,over speding,red light violation helmet detection etc through cloud use of boom barrier and parking space barrier.

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SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY theSKN iot technology is the top nurse calling system manufacturer and dealer in Bhubaneswar ,Odisha using AI technology used in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living centers, to facilitate communication between patients or residents and healthcare staff, primarily nurses. The nurse call system allows patients to request assistance or alert the nursing staff when they need medical attention, help with daily activities, or any other emergency support.

Nurse call system










15 + Years

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open cv python coding for ai devloping

open cv python coding for ai devloping