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Advanced AI

We are Developing AI Based software for surveillance ,biometric and custom software using state of the art computer vision technologies apart from it we develop websites with seo work in it to make your web portal rank higher.Skn Accredited as top Ai Ml company In India.

Powerfull Analytics

SKN IOT Technology in years has developed  Insightful analytics can give trend data up to one year of data.The powerfull anlaytics is own developed by use of advanced  coding algorithm .

Easy third part integration

SKN..designs software for surveillance ,biometric attendance and custom Designed on rest api architecture for seamless integration which can easily be integrated with third party software as well hardware of cctv camera, biometric ,access control,intercom can be easily integrated

High Cost Effective

Delvers high performance on cost effective hardware with software development. IN hardware we have cctv camera, Biometric attendance machine, epbax, anpr camera ,aebas,Boom barrier and access control.

Plug n play

Starting from biometric device, cctv camera, automatic boom barrier or turnstile with embedded system require less than 30 minutes to install configure and go live


SKN IOT is dedicated for full support in AI and embedded system design with after sales support in cctv camera ,biometric attendance machine and boom barriers as well as intercom in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


SKN Software or peripherals Can be connected to existing cctv infrastructure networks, biometric solutions or any tool.SKN IOT Technology being a software developog company has marked api integration with any software to peripherals.


SKN IOT Technology is known for best neat and clean installation in products like CCTV system, Biometric attendance system, Intercom, Access control including  AI & ML based solutions in Factories, Plants, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges,Industries. of brands like cpplus,hifocus,hikvision,tvt,prama,Realtime,Secuerey,Essl etc.

IOT dealing company expertise in AI based solutions by use Embedded System with help of peripherals : surveillance systems ,biometric attendance with web based and cloud solutions. SKN Is top biometrics attendance system manufacturer with cloud level software. We are top cctv dealers and biometric attendance system dealers in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Our web applications and web solutions with AI integration and digital marketing solutions widely known apart from it we deal with Fire safety, ANPR Cameras, Intercom ,Boom barrier etc we are having great hand in delivering extraordinary solutions in embedded system with help of access control devices, surveillance system like people analytics : people counting, occupancy detection, dwell time detection, tripwire detection,Face detection etc


Our Products

All IT & Iot Products


Our Solutions

Integrating All Solutions With AI..

Ai & Ml Solution

SKN IoT Technology offers cutting-edge AI & ML solutions, leveraging advanced algorithms to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and drive innovation across industries, ensuring efficient and intelligent automation.

ai ml solutions.jpg

Embedded System

SKN IoT Technology offers cutting-edge embedded system solutions, seamlessly integrating hardware and software to meet diverse industrial needs. Their innovative approach ensures reliable and efficient IoT deployments.

embedded system developemnt company.jpg

Anpr Solution

SKN IoT Technology's ANPR CCTV camera efficiently captures and recognizes license plates, enhancing security and traffic management. Its advanced technology ensures accurate and reliable Automatic Number Plate Recognition.


Boom Barrier with Uhf

SKN IoT Technology offers a cutting-edge Boom Barrier with UHF Solution, combining RFID technology for seamless access control. Enhance security and efficiency with SKN's innovative and reliable solution.

Automatic boom barrier solutions.jpg

Cctv Solution

SKN IoT Technology offers advanced CCTV solutions, combining cutting-edge technology and seamless integration. Their systems provide robust security, real-time monitoring, and remote access, ensuring comprehensive surveillance for enhanced safety.

cctv camera solutions.jpg

Web Design & Seo

SKN IoT Technology excels in web design and SEO services, creating visually appealing websites while optimizing them for search engines. Elevate your online presence with our cutting-edge solutions and expertise.

web design and seo company.jpg

Gym Management

SKN's cloud-based gym management software streamlines operations, enhances member experience, and integrates biometric attendance for seamless, efficient gym management.


Nurse Calling System

SKN IoT Technology's Nurse Calling System revolutionizes healthcare communication. It ensures quick response times, patient satisfaction, and efficient coordination among healthcare professionals, enhancing overall patient care and experience.

nurse call system.jpg
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