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Prama ip ptz camera
Prama ip cctv camera
Prama cat6 cable
Prama dvr
Prama ahd cctv camera
Prama bullet camera
Prama cctv dvr combo
Prama IR Bullet
Prama Hikvision Nvr
Prama Network Cctv
Prama 2mp Ahd
Prama IR Dome


Prama Hikvision India Launched home made prama surveillance series cctv brand camera.Prama is known brand for its surveillance system which are regularly and almost used in every where Prama has launched cctv camera of - Prama ahd cctv,prama dvr,prama ip camera,prama nvr,prama poe switch prama network cctv,prama ptz cctv camera,prama cat6 cable are among main focus.

Prama CCTV are High definition made in india products, Prama Hikvision cctv are technically tensile and high longevity surveillance products. Prama using its R&D on survelliance system on surveillance  software solutions .Especially launched products are thermal detection cctv products.high end network products etc.

For more q and a on prama camera you can viit below section.


Prama has enhanced its vision launching new product in market requiring cctv camera and security camera stabilization in all effect the ptz camera having 20 to 40x resolution capturing razor sharp images maximum required for industries are developed.

Prama Hikvision Series are as follows:

Prama's innovative solution focuses to area such as below


How to make Prama dvr/nvr Online ?

Prama Dvr/nvr can be made online in following simple steps .First make sure you have active internet ,make dhcp online,below there will be accepting terms and conditions clink on it - a qr code will be generated install prama online app from google play store ,then register and scan the qr code putting password section as dvr password.

Mobile app for  Prama camera ?

For prama camera,prama dvr prama online is the best .

Can we use SADP tool for  Prama  ip camera ?

Yes Prama supports SADP tool it is more easy to add ip cameras.

prama innovative solutions


Prama Ahd series
Prama Network Series
Prama ptz camera
prama cat6 cable
prama q and a
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