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Biometric Device Dealer In Odisha

We are the authorized biometric attendance system dealer in Odisha or biometric device dealer in Odisha of biometric brands like Realtime Biometric,secureye Biometric,Hikvision Biometric,Essl Biometric,Mantra Biometric .Biometric attendance system enabled with Fingerprint attendance system,face recognition attendance system,palm based attendance system and latest temperature detection attendance system with cloud attendance ,web attendance  and mobile app attendance new multi location time attendance .Developing Odisha needs advanced biometric in Odisha is the need

Student Biometric

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Access Control

Aadhaar Tab

Cloud HRMS Software In Bhubaneswar

Make your HR Free let you focuss on productivity and quality use SKN Cloud HRMS Software with free biometric integration.As hrms software developer in bhubaneswar we provide full hrms to dealers in bhubaneswar.

HR Management Software

Hr management software assigns from day one of employee to joining,salary process leave registration etc can be done on fingrtips with help of mobile application also.The best hrms software in India.


Leave Management In Hrms

HRM Software in bbsr provides leave application and approval through mobile app and web based solution saving time,Use cloud hrms software and get lot of beneifits in employee management.

leave management system in hrms
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Manage Payroll on Fingertips

Payroll management in hrms software in bhubaneswar is easy with diffrenet alowances can be maintained with high volume employees also.Use skn cloud hrms software be free we are top hrms software dealers in bhubaneswar.

hr management software for payroll
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Time Attendance Integration

SKN IOT Technology provides free biometric punching machine of different brands like Realtime,essl,secureye,zkteco,biomax etc with hrms software for hrms integration with biometric punching machine as a biometric dealer in odisha people have confident on us.

hrms software biometric integration
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Software Customization

Customize Hrms As need

HRMS Software provides software customization at both cloud and offfline uses also as hrms software developemnt company we provide high end customization at customer request having our in house hrms software development team use of ai ml with deep learning methodology makes it outstanding.

hrms software development
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Essl Biometric

Essl has been a best brand biometric in terms of software .their best models are x990 essl and essl attendance system manual is enclosed in the cover box for user guidance.essl k30 pro biometric attendance system has been a great attraction with essl biometric device software.


Secureye Biometric

Secureye biometric has been one of the leading biometric company having its own secureye biometric software and best products like secureye biometric s-b100cb and you can also do secureye biometrics s-b 100cb software download. 


Realtime Biometric

SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY has been a authorized partners role in with realtime biometric attendance solutions and realtime acess control and mainly with realtime software may it be the latest realsoft 10.9v,realsoft sql server.

Electronic Circuit

As From above Biometric attendance is a machine configuring biometric punches use of ai ml programming architecture can enhance performance upto 77%.As an ai ml company in Odisha we provide ai ml sdk for biometric punching machines configurational ml company in biometric in odisha is booming with automation needed in biometric machine segment.Usually needed in cloud configuration and company growth sector analysis by biometric level attendance analysis.As biometric attendance manufacturing company in odisha our main objective to go for ai ml implementation in bhubaneswar,odisha on biometric attenance machines.

The Cloud attendance system supports multi location gps attendance which means

The staff can put his or her attendance at any part of the world with mobile app attendance system.The mobile attendance will carry his gps location and photo from mobile phone to the admin .


Coming in details SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY Is keen in working on R&D projects of biometric attendance system .Where Attendance punching through- Face Recognition, Palm detection, Fingerprint detection,

Password verification or PIN,RFID or milfare card detection ,the latest one temperature detection has been attraction of customers along with aces control can be connected .


New Projects On Biometric Attendance System :

Biometric attendance system has been a vast arena for research and development ,it has its place in various workplace along with various customization.

We are having our cloud platform for biometric machine linked with the server all over the world is using the space for free. Where there are two panels for each admin and user.

The user: The user can view its attendance logs,Present,absent,weekly off,Can apply for leave in mobile or web through his unique and individual login and also can get notification on holiday or important messages from the admin.

The Admin: The admin can see download biometric attendance for daily basis ,monthly or weekly depending on its requirement can accept leave forwarded by user and also can generate pay slip.

Super Admin: Super admin creates the admin and no of admin as required and gives the aces permission like salary generation permission or only to see.

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