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SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY has developed social distancing solution in Bubaneswar,Odisha. Where social gathering can be closely monitored by  help of CCTV Cameras or security surveillance cameras as per government guidelines a 3 feet distance to be maintained by every people or person.We are using AI Analytics to provide social distancing solutions to maintain social distancing where existing CCTV Cameras can also be used.


The Social distancing social is customized solution as per customer requirements and is build on artificial intelligence technology can be used in:Schools,malls,hotels,markets,hospitals etc.

It has various features such as:

Social Distancing:


Social distancing measurement by help of cctv cameras or by specialized cameras provided by SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY.


Footfall Analytics :

where the admin or user can monitor where customer footfall is more or gathering is more.


Store Analytics:


The owner or admin can use Social distancing solution to provide a best breakthrough is business management where he can point maximum gathering and point out product for which maximum people are visiting the particular store point so that he can also can manage to put other products for display and sell.


Mask Detection:


 Social distancing solution can detect whether the customers are in due covered there face in mask or not .

Voice output: '


in Social distancing solution if social distancing is not maintained a voice message can be forwarded through loud speakers.

Visitor Counting:


how many visitors are entering the store can also be mapped through our solution.


Email Forwarding:


In Social distancing solution an email can be triggered to the admin for person or customer gathering at the respective point.

AI analytics technology in social distancing
store analytics
footfall analytics
mask detection


Last Long, Our Products are designed by well trained engineers, it works best with social distancing .


While designed the products, we kept portablity in mind. It install in just few minutes.


1 year warranty on product.


Artificial intelligence:
social distancing solution uses  Artificial intelligence.

Mask Detection,

Footfall analytics,

store analytics

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