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student biometric attendance system for colleges and schools


student biometric attendance system

SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY has been the fore front runner of Student biometric attendance system with full automated school biometric attendance system .The School or +2 colleges in India or Odisha runed by government bodies like DHE or private bodies always want student full presence in classroom which can let school bodies impact more education on students. An automated system can let the administrator can look at all issues whether the student was present on particular class or not his/her presence can be monitored with transparency in educational prospective. Biometric for +2 students in odisha has been a great concern for putting records for each attendance and subject is always great.


Student Biometric attendance system Provides Face recognition biometric attendance and fingerprint biometric biometric attendance for students in school and +2 colleges where through face attendance the student can mark his/her attendance in the school or college. Previously used Finger mode attendance was restricted due to covid breakdown. Face attendance system is marked as more operative and efficient as there is no method of touching it which in other method called no touch attendance system. The face biometric attendance system are capable of recognizing biometrics from distance of 5 meter which can be more efficient in school environment. The college student biometric attendance system is very much easy to use also SKN provides best customer service for any problem client faces. For colleges across Odisha we deliver efficient biometric with full training to the respective IT team of colleges. Coming to software the offline and online software are very much user friendly and easy to learn. Monthly or daily report can be easily traced from attendance system for +2 students .


face recognition biometric for student biometric attendance system
cloud student biometric attendance solution
face biometric for students


cloud student biometric attendance system


Face Recognition Biometric is effective way of use in student biometric attendance management system which is capable of recognizing in less than one second and send it to server with help of auto push technology. The Face Biometric can reduce proxy attendance in colleges and schools. In which the scanner scans the facial structure and retina of the student make it error free and sustainable biometric best for +2 colleges .

SKN introduces cloud based online biometric attendance management system where the college or school authority can fetch biometric reports of students and faculties through cloud system any where logging in into the platform. We have extra effect's of guardian verification through which guardian's can see the report of respective students through cloud solution making it more transparency .Cloud biometric is available in app and web platform also. The cloud attendance is so fast that it can reflect attendance in seconds. Biometric attendance for +2 students in odisha can be easily fetched.

finger id and palm biometric attendance for students
student biometric attendance software
finger biometric for students in colleges



We have our in house Student Biometric attendance management software for students in school and colleges in with various formats of reporting like where customization is there reports format for biometric attendance in +2 colleges as follows: 

  • Department Wise Reports

  • Class wise reports 

  • Monthly performance report

  • Daily performance report

  • Custom interval Performance reports

  • etc.


SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the known firm for customer support since 2000 we stand for best service towards for biometric attendance system especially in support for biometrics in colleges and biometric in schools. Our support team is active 24 hours online for your support. As top biometric dealers in Odisha we deliver biometrics in +2 colleges and schools at best price.

Finger ID  Biometric is also the suggested way of  student management system which is capable of recognizing finger scan in less than one second and send it to server with help of auto adapt technology. The Finger id biometrics system also comes with palm verification which is easy for authentication just showing palm at a distance of half meter it recognize the student.

easy to operate biometric for college students
best support in biometric attendance in colleges


SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the top dealers of student biometric attendance system in order to be get biometric error free we provide biometrics for colleges or biometic for schools which are easy to operate like we operate our hands on smartphones. We can assure as best student biometric attendance dealer that the biometric machines are more simpler than mobiles.

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