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nurse calling system manufacturer in odisha


SKN IOT Technology has developed nurse calling system also with Ai features in built .Skn Iot Technology is the manufacturer and dealer oof artificial intelligence based nurse calling system in Bhubaneswar,Odisha.SKN has maintained its standards using Ai to communicate between patient and nurses without any blockage. SKN IOT Technology has made the best use of AI (artificial intelligence) in nurse calling system In India we have spread our intelligence in delivering cloud based system in nurse calling system in Bhubaneswar,Odisha.As best Nurse calling dealer In Odisha and Nurse call system dealer in Bhubaneswar, our goal is to stream line effective use of technology especially Ai(artificial intelligence) in Healthcare sector use of wireless nurse calling and IP(Internet protocol) based nurse calling points ensuring speedy transmission of nurse calling system data to cloud .The SKN IOT Technology top IP Nurse calling system dealer in Bhubaneswar and  has enhanced the ability of patients to get proper hospitality in hospitals with enriching support of nursing staffs. SKN has carried all setup across Odisha with top ip based nurse calling system dealer and manufacturer in Odisha.

IP(Internet Protocol ) Nurse Call System Manufacturer & Dealer In Odisha

SKN IOT Technology is the manufacturer and dealer of Internet protocol Nurse call system in Odisha. The IP based nurse call system is designed with assigning dedicated IP to particular Nurse calling point and all nurse calling point ip address are inserted in Nurse calling station With IP infrastructure build up. SKN IOT Technology is the reputed brand in dealing of Internet protocol nurse calling system in Odisha. SKN IOT Technology has successfully implemented IP Based nurse call system installation In Odisha's different hospitals using Use Of customized nurse calling software solution. SKN brand is the no1 IP Based nurse calling system dealer in Odisha.

ip based nurse call system

Wireless Nurse Calling  System Manufacturer & Dealer In Bhubaneswar

SKN IOT Technology is the top manufacturer and dealer of wireless Nurse call system in Bhubaneswar. The wireless communication based nurse call system in Bhubaneswar is designed to avoid use of wire like lan cable as used in IP nurse call system installation. Wireless nurse calling points are used with nurse calling panel at nurse stations are totally wifi some how wifi extender can be used to increase wifi strength in hospitals.SKN IOTY Technology is best wireless nurse calling system installation provider in Bhubaneswar. We deal with nurse call system in Bhubaneswar using wifi networks.

wireless nurse call system
features of nurse calling system


Satya Pani,Bhubaneswar

I've been using SKNIOT Technology's Nurse Call System in our healthcare facility for the past six months, and it has significantly improved our workflow. The system is user-friendly and allows for efficient communication between patients and our nursing staff. One standout feature is the customizable call options, which enable patients to request assistance with various needs, from medication reminders to urgent emergencies. The integration of real-time location tracking for nurses ensures that the closest available staff member responds promptly. The only reason I'm not giving it a full five stars is the occasional minor technical glitch we've experienced, but SKNIOT's customer support team has been responsive in addressing these issues. Overall, it's a valuable addition to our patient care system

Aditya Panigrahi,Cuttack

SKNIOT Technology's Nurse CallingSystem has been a game-changer for our assisted living facility. The system's reliability is its standout feature. We've had zero downtime or connectivity issues since its installation, ensuring that our residents can reach out for assistance at any time. The user interface is intuitive, making it easy for elderly residents to use. Moreover, the system allows us to prioritize calls based on urgency, which has improved our response times significantly. The remote monitoring and reporting features provide valuable insights into our daily operations, helping us fine-tune our services. SKNIOT has truly raised the bar in nurse call systems, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Rudra Maharana,Koraput

Our healthcare facility recently adopted SKNIOT Technology's Nurse Call System, and while it has improved our communication with patients, there are a few areas where it falls short. On the positive side, the system's simplicity makes it easy for both patients and staff to use. The customizable call options are a plus, as they allow patients to request specific types of assistance. However, we've encountered some issues with the response time. Despite the real-time location tracking feature, there have been instances where it took longer than expected for nurses to arrive. Additionally, the system's mobile app, which should enhance accessibility, could benefit from more features and improved stability. While it's a step in the right direction, SKNIOT Technology's Nurse Call System has room for improvement to meet our facility's needs fully.

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