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aadhar enable biometric attendance supplier in bhubaneswar


aadhhar biometric supplier

SKN IOT Technology is the top supplier of aadhaar biometric attendance supplier in Bhubaneswar.Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system in bhubaneswar is known for employee attendance system under govt portal.

Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system also known as AEBAS has been implemented Government and Non government organizations to track employees and student attendance. In bas attendance portal where bas attendance software is available for all aebas devices. Aadhaar Based biometric in Bhubaneswar, Odisha has been greatly implemented aadhaar base biometric as easily available with noted sensor of startek. Fingerprint as well as retina aadhaar biometric devices can be installed useful .Coming to price aadhaar biometric devices vary from different brand to brand from dealer point aadhaar biometric machine prices are lowest best now in use. Just search biometric attendance supplier near me. We are known for instant services in aahaar biometric attendance supply in bbsr. As a noted supplier of aadhaar biometric devices in bhubaneswar you can have warranty claim also.


SKN IOT Technology is known for clean aadhaar biometric attendance system installation in Bhubaneswar our software professionals can handle any bug with high efficiency. Aadhar based biometric attendance system are fully software and cloud biometric operated devices controlled by bas server, SKN IOT Technology has installed numerous aadhaar based biometric devices in bhubaneswar and all part of odisha.The adhaar biometric devices are with fingerprint and now retin aa has ben added.As a suppplier of adhaaar based biometric attendance system in odisha is to provide immediate service at your locality. Adhaar biometric devices are distributed by SKN IOT Technology with rough cased covering providing and metal casing.

aaadhaar biometric attennce installtion


SKN IOT Technology is not a company only developing biometric products but also delivering utmost solution for biometric attendance solutions in Bhubaneswar, Odisha .As a supplier of aadhaar based biometric attendance system we effort to add more technology in the solution part with we provide Ai based biometric attendance system compatible for Linux and android with IRIS recognition, face recognition biometric attendance system and finger print aadhaar biometric attendance system.Below are the features of aadhaar based biometrica ttenadance system devices available with wifi and full touchless attendance solution.

Iris based aadhaar biometric attendance system where retina is scanned for biometric authentication process.
finger id based aadhaar biometric attendance system when finger is placed on biometric scanner it recognizes it.
face recognition adhaar based biometric attendance system with tab.
anroid based aadhaar based biometric attendance system
aadhaar based biometric devices 24 hours customer support by skn iot technology where warranty provided and bugs are resolved.
aadhaar based biomeric machine in bhubaneswar odisha comes with wifi no need of lan cble for internet needed for aadhar tabs.
aadhaar based biometric attendance comes with bluetooth for recving files for mfs tabs.
aadhhar biometric attendance system comes with battery upto 5 hours and 5000 mah battery the aadhaar tab spports.
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