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A trending and successful carrier starts from schooling through school management system or school management system implementation. When a schooling is started from smart school. Achievement and successful can be achieved with innovation technology.


What Impact Smart School System Does Have To Economy-

A Smart school system is not system or solution it is an idea for developing a country a region to a developed standard of education. There by having a late but significant impact not significant but heavy impact on economy .Use of student information management system especially the education sector it can be directly co related to research an development sector and also the technology sector.


How Smart School Management Solution Works-

A school management system works from smart class room by getting smart education where the administrative bearers like the principal, the board members can have direct study on the school management.

The smart initiative includes school management software,cloud based solution in  Biometric Integration , Surveillance System,Sms and mail notification,Management solution ,Library management,Digital class room includes pay slip generation, leave generation etc.

biometric attendance management for school management system


The Biometric attendance system is the major part in the smart school designing and sms(school management system) .It is the cloud based solution in a dedicated part server based. Where employee and student attendance can be monitored using mobile and desktop application.