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Ground Hopper Safety System For Elimination Of Man Machine Interface



SKN IOT TECNNOLOGY  a known name in field of IOT design and solution. We have designed maximum iot based automation solution for safety measures of industries, manufacturing plants, mines  etc.

Ground hopper safety systems are designed by artificial intelligence based solution to eliminate man and machine impact to enable safety of staffs working at Hopper site in industries. This mechanism is driven automatically and can also have manual control  to provide full steering control admin staff present at the entrance point in the cabin.

The system is designed by programmable controller based system to detect human vehicle interface. The mechanism is auto controlled by sensors an cctv cameras with NVR system mainly controlled by controller which will send signal to boom barrier to operate. A  hooter arrangement done for providing siren for any mishap.

ground hopper desciption
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features of ground hopper safety system

Operating Principle

Skn Iot Technoogy briefly describes its principle in simple way the ground hopper safety system for elimination of man and machine interface is carried out bay artificial intelligence process .First of all the cctv camera will ensure no man present inside hopper area if man is detected it will blow siren after man evacuation the AI controller after sensing from sensors will command the gate to open boom barrier so that the hywa or dumper can enter the premises with full safety measure .Where through ground hopper safety system we can full safety management of no human loss in hopper site .

operating principle of ground hopper safety system
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It takes leadership to improve safety

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