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SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the major manufacturer of Queue Management System (QMS) in Odisha is a software solution designed to effectively manage and organize queues or waiting lines in various service-oriented environments. QMSs(Queue Management System) are commonly used in settings such as healthcare facilities, government offices, retail stores, banks, and other places where customers or clients need to wait for their turn to receive services without any delay.SKN IOT Tech. is the top dealer and supplier of Queue Management System in Bhubaneswar,Odisha streamlines the customer service process, improves operational efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction by effectively managing queues and waiting times in various service settings. It's a valuable tool for businesses seeking to provide exceptional service experiences while optimizing their resources. SKN iot technology with its own team has led to manufacture Queue Management System(QMS) kiosk for better service of patients nd customers in Hospitals and Organizations.SKN iot technology has been working on AI(artificial intelligence ) implementation on queue management system to make the solution more faster better and secure in cloud technology.



Customer Experience Improvement

SKN IOT Technology the top manufacturer of QMSs In Odisha help reduce perceived waiting times by providing customers with real-time information about their position in the queue and estimated wait times. This enhances customer satisfaction and reduces frustration.SKN team has also implemented QMS kiosk in Odisha for better services .

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Efficient Resource Allocation:

Queue management system enable businesses to allocate resources more efficiently by analyzing data on customer traffic and patterns. This helps organizations or hospitals optimize staff levels and service points to match demand.SKN iot technology has been best queue management system kiosk manufacturer in Odisha provides you clear effective services on one hand.

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Self-Service Options:

SKN IOT Technology developed QMSs offer self-service kiosks or online appointment scheduling, allowing customers to book their appointments in advance and minimize their waiting time as top queue management system dealer in bhubaneswar Odisha we anble self services.

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Notification and Alerts:

QMSs can send SMS notifications, digital display updates, or mobile app alerts to customers as their turn approaches. This minimizes the need for customers to physically stand in line. SKN has taken care of it as top supplier of queue management system inn Odisha we offer customer or patient data collection and response in our secured server for data analysis of customer wait time and responses reached.

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SKN IOT Technology as no1 queue management system manufacturer in Bhubaneswar ,Odisha provides you day-night customer support both online and offline for hospitals, clinics and OPD's.

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benefits of QMS


Chandra Singh,Bhubaneswar

SKNIOT Technology's Queue Management System has become an integral part of our hospital's operations. Patients appreciate the convenience of booking appointments and checking in using the self-service kiosks or the mobile app. It has streamlined the registration process and reduced congestion in waiting areas. The real-time monitoring and reporting tools have allowed us to better allocate resources, improving overall service quality. The system is robust and reliable, with minimal downtime. The only reason for not awarding five stars is the initial learning curve for staff during implementation. Nevertheless, it has become an invaluable tool in ensuring efficient patient flow within our hospital.

Hemant Goswami,Cuttack

SKNIOT Technology's Queue Management System has been a game-changer for our factory operations. We implemented this system to streamline our production processes, and it has exceeded our expectations. The digital queue management and real-time monitoring capabilities have allowed us to optimize our workflow. Employees can easily track their tasks and progress, reducing bottlenecks and downtime. The mobile app is intuitive, and the comprehensive reporting tools provide valuable insights for continuous improvement. Since adopting this system, we've seen a significant increase in productivity and a decrease in production errors. SKNIOT Technology has delivered a solution that's transformed our factory into a more efficient and competitive operation.

Rajib Bimal,Keonjhar

Our bank recently implemented SKNIOT Technology's Queue Management System, and it has been a positive addition. The digital queue system has reduced long lines and customer frustration, resulting in improved customer service. The mobile app is user-friendly, allowing customers to join queues remotely and receive updates on their status. Our staff has also benefited from the real-time monitoring features. However, there have been occasional technical glitches that temporarily disrupted services. With some minor improvements in system stability, SKNIOT's Queue Management System could become an even more valuable asset for modern banking.

client review of queue mangeement systm manufatured by skniot technology
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