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parking mangement system

In the fast-paced evolution of smart cities, efficient and intelligent solutions are key to addressing urban challenges. SKN IoT Technology proudly introduces its ground breaking AI-based Parking Management System, Realtime parking management a seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies—boom barriers, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), and UHF tags—designed to transform the parking experience and enhance urban mobility.

The Need for Innovation

As urban spaces become denser and vehicular traffic continues to rise, traditional parking management systems fall short in providing the speed and accuracy required to meet modern demands. SKN IoT Technology recognizes this challenge and steps forward with a robust solution that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence.SKN IoT Technology's AI-based Parking Management System is a Realtime parking solution with testament to the transformative potential of technology in urban spaces. By combining boom barriers, ANPR, and UHF tags, we redefine the parking experience, emphasizing efficiency, security, and user convenience. As cities evolve, our commitment to innovative solutions remains steadfast, ensuring a smarter, more connected future for urban mobility. Join us in reshaping the urban landscape—one intelligent parking solution on Realtime.

Efficient Space Utilization

By automating the parking process and reducing manual interventions, our Realtime parking management system optimizes space utilization. This is crucial in congested urban environments where every square meter counts.

Enhanced Security

The integration of boom barriers and ANPR technology enhances security by providing a comprehensive surveillance system. The accurate recording of license plates acts as a deterrent to unauthorized access, ensuring the safety of both vehicles and property.

User-Friendly Experience

With the incorporation of UHF tags, our system prioritizes user convenience. Residents, employees, or regular parkers can enjoy a frictionless experience, eliminating the need for physical tokens or tickets.

Data-Driven Insights

The AI backbone of our Parking Management System doesn't just stop at access control; it generates valuable data insights. Analytics on parking patterns, peak hours, and user behavior empower city planners to make informed decisions for future developments.

benefits of parking mangement soution
Parked Cars

How Parking Management System Works

The AI Parking Management System.. 

  1. Boom Barriers: Traditional barriers are given a technological facelift with smart boom barriers that are seamlessly integrated into the parking infrastructure. These barriers not only control entry and exit points efficiently but also act as the first line of defense in the overall security system.

  2. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): ANPR technology takes center stage in our Parking Management System, offering lightning-fast recognition of vehicle license plates. This eliminates the need for physical tickets, streamlining the parking process and significantly reducing waiting times for users.

  3. UHF Tags: To further enhance user experience and optimize space, UHF (Ultra High Frequency) tags are introduced. These RFID tags provide hands-free, contactless access to registered vehicles, ensuring a swift and hassle-free entry and exit process. This technology is particularly beneficial for long-term parkers, creating a seamless experience for residents, employees, or frequent visitors.

How parking solution works
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