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anpr 3d radar camera used for number plate detection,speed violation detection,reverse driving detection,seat belt detection and used in other iot based solutions


Speed Violation Detection System

skn anpr camera

SKN ANPR 4d Radar camera uses Vehicle Speed Violation Detection System with AI Based platform with Surveillance system Integration to measure speed with report generation and various AI articulation included. Increase in Road mishaps ,traffic violations and un mannered vehicle driving arises unlawful conditions again making massive damages to property as well as lives. SKN provide AI application with high end algorithm to control traffic violation as well as speed violation which is the measure cause. License plate recognition camera are pre defined for to be used in rough weather conditions. It has massive features .Anpr camera or lpr range cameras are ip cameras. Where use of 3d radar is very much beneficiary.Anpr cameras are very much adaptive cameras can provide long term solutions with various brands providing cameras.

Speed Violation Detection

Reverse Driving Detection

Access Control 

Traffic Flow

Parking Management

Seat Belt Detection

anpr camera features


hd image capture

SKN ANPR 4d Radar camera uses AI Powered HD Image capture by using HD Camera which is capable of sensing at 100 frame per second image especially used for number plate recognition of vechile at it is capable of detecting number plate at speeed of 4oo kmph also.The image processing capacity is high enough in those anpr cameras.


4d radar in anpr camera

SKN ANPR 4d Radar camera uses 3d Radar integrated module capable of sensing objects from long range.Through which vehicle counting with maximum use of lanes which can sense upto 4 lanes with 35 vehicles at throughput. The 3d radar based anpr camera can be beneficial multi direction positioning of vehicles .here Skn IOT Technology uses set belt detection through this 3D Camera system.The 4D anpr camera uses 3d model of radar technology of echoing.

SKN ANPR camera is accurately designed for all weather conditions infact it is weatheproof .It can capture precise images in sunny weather,foggy atmosphere, rainy days with low and heavy light intensisties. Reverse driving image capture is availed by anpr radar based configuration camera.


SKN ANPR 4D Radar camera is known for number plate detection in rough weather conditions which is best for high range projections.4d Radar camera uses 3d radar projections for realtime data collection at speed of 200 kmph from a range of 90 meter. SKN ANPR 3D Camera uses 60ghz frequency.4D Camera has advanced mechanism of detecting vehicle's in different directions and a feature of lane direction. Number plate detection is also known as license plate recognition camera where license plate is detected. For which anpr cameras are also called lpr camera.

In some cases vehicle counting can be preferable which is done through 3d radar of anpr 4d radar camera to maintain traffic decorum in certain places.

number plae detection in anpr

What is ANPR ?

ANPR-"ANPR" camera denotes Automatic number plate recognition camera with AI feature of detection of number plate of any vehicle with figure and number detection algorithm. Enabling user of detection in any weather condition .

q nad a anpr camera

What is 3D Radar ?

3D Radar camera is one of the suitable for high range projection of echoing to measure distance and sending received signal to processor to acknowledge the signal.

What is lpr camera ?

LPr camera is is the one touch solution for license plate recognition in vehicles where automation iot standards are made using Lpr cameras where various vehicles can be monitored,

What is the accuracy rate in anpr or lpr camera ?

97-98 Percent accuracy can be made using anpr and lpr cameras using radar ,Where radar can be of 2 dimension,3 dimension or 4 dimnsion.

anpr camera brands
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