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Boom Barrier is the latest version of access control mechanism. SKN IOT Technology is manufacture ,supplier and distributor of boom barrier system .The automatic Boom barrier gate works on the electronic and mechanical principle. The automatic boom barrier can easily work with uhf reader and automatic boom barrier installation is also done by SKN Iot  Technology The SKN IOT Technology as the top boom barrier dealer and supplier in Odisha gives boom barrier with robust construction, exuding durability and resilience. It is evident that high-quality materials were used in its fabrication, which is reassuring given its outdoor exposure to varying weather conditions. The barrier's mechanism operates smoothly, and the automated arm movement is both swift and controlled, ensuring seamless entry and exit.The Automatic Boom barrier has following advantages it restricts intrusion, Specific people can enter the premises those having access. This is means for both pedestrian and vehicles.

SKN IOT Technology the best boom barrier dealer in Bhubaneswar has added various R&D to it thereby use of biometric in automatic boom barrier mechanism. Through fingerprint, face recognition, fid card or by means of password boom barrier can be operated. For long range operations remote control is also provided also use ai in boom barrier integration with cctv cameras. SKN IOT Technology is the top ai boom barrier manufacturer in Odisha with ai mechanism for operations.

The boom gate operates on low power .The boom barrier system is water proof .All attendance logs can be seen in cloud where the admin can see the entered people through mobile or web app.


advantages of boom barrier

SKN IOT Technology being a top boom barrier dealer in Bhubaneswar provides

you below advantages of using SKN Boom barrier as a major dealing unit In Odisha

For boom barrier all weather condition boom barrier advantages is mentioned below: 

1. SUS304 Stainless Steel Wire Drawing: For anti ageing or short circuit

2. Angle collision avoidance:To avoid collision

3. Current anti-clamping: Restrict current flow in body

4. With voice prompt function: Audible voice facility

5. Infrared alarm for illegal intrusion: Alarm

6. Reverse alarm when switching on the card and opening the brake;

7. Digital positioning and collision avoidance design of encoder

8. Encoder adopts imported electrical components, which has better shock

resistance, vibration resistance and stability of output pulse signal.

9. Domestic first-line brand motor