Advantages Of Facial Recognition:

The face recognition attendance system captures employees as well as visitor face attendance .Where attendance can be seen in cloud using mobile app or web cloud system making it unique using world cloud based attendance system.



SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY  has come with rapidly changing environment for Biometric  Attendance system.The Face attendance system comprises of fingerprint attendance system, rfid attendance system, Pin  attendance system,temperature  attendance system,gps  attendance system and acess control system.

The face recognition time attendance system works on auto push technology where each log is automatically transferred to cloud system.

The best way recognizing face is auto adaption technology  where the face is captured and detected less than One Second.

It AI Enabled linux based biometric system  making the face recognition attendance machine secured from data tampering.

HRMS System:

The cloud based biometric system works on the following Employee management system.Where salary slip ,payslip generation including maonthly,daily and yearly reort generation.

Leave management system:

The respective employee can apply for leave from his/her app system after due approval from admin leave is added to its profile.

Gps geolocation:For outside employee can ping their attendance in mobile app which track loction,photo including date time with imei no.


                                               Mask detection:

The Biometric will capture his/her face while also wearing mask will high speed and accuracy.






Temperature Detection:

The infrared array will capture temperature of all human being especially there fore head sending the photo with date and time attendance to the cloud attendance facility is it not smart way of attendance:



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