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       Automatic Sanitizing Machine


  • Easy To Install - Can be Installed in less than 1 Hour Portable

  • Adjustable Duration For MIST Spray (5 Second To 50 Second)

  • Variable tank capacity from 50 Ltr to 300 Ltr Auto Switch off when No Person presents Saves water

  • 1/2 HP Self Priming Booster Pump For Faster Spray Washable Nozzle


  • Hospitals

  • Police Station

  • Bank

  • School

  • College

  • Malls

  • Bus stands

  • Airports

  • Railway Station

  • Courts

  • Office,

  • Municipality

SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the manufacturer and supplier of disinfection tunnel or disinfectant tunnel in other words it is also called automatic sanitization machine or automatic fogging system in Bhubaneswar,Odisha.It can be used for indoor and outdoor uses.

The automated fogging system sprays the disinfectant in 360 degree angle.It is effective and useful product for sanitization of people,children,old peoples.


Last Long, Our Products are


by well trained engineers .


While designed the products, we kept portablity in mind. It install in just few minutes.


1 year warranty on product.


  • Infrared Motion detection sensor with advance features like

  • person counter shown in led display

  • Battery Operated during no power or power cut it can work continuously.

  • Can also work with solar power saves electricity and is Eco-friendly.


This disinfectant tunnel System is Portable , Cheap ,  Installs in Just one hour, Last for years.The automatic sanitizing cabin tunnel is the best approach to stop corona.

It  uses automatic sanitizing cabin within which nozzle are fitted to sprinkle disinfectant.



This disinfecting Tunnel is strong , durable, with over head tank, last more than 2 Year/This System is Portable,Installs in Just Three hour, Last for years.


A:Disinfectant which is used is specially used for sanitizer manufacturing namely IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol) which is generally used for hand cleaning.


A:Disinfectant which we are going to spray in misting system contain 25% of water & 75% IPA which is general sanitization ratio.


A:Disinfectant tunnel misting system can consume 18 ltr of Chemical per Hour. So it will take 16 HRS time to empty the storage tank.

Q: What is HSN GST Code of Disinfection Tunnel/ Automatic sanitizing machine ?

Ans:  HSN GST Code Disinfection Tunnel/ Automatic sanitizing machines - 8479

Q: What is  GST Tax rate of Infrared Thermometer ?

Ans: GST Tax rate  Disinfection Tunnel/ Automatic sanitizing machine - 18 % as it comes under Electronics Items.


Q: Can Alcochol based sanitizer be used as solution ?

Ans: Yes Alcohol based sanitizer liquid can be used directly or in dilution form which is more effective.


                                                             A    Fight    Initiative    Against    Covid    -19  using automatic sanitizing machine


MS/SS/PP/FLEX 200 Micron UV stabilized and Bacteria resistant 2” MS Structure Or PVC with Rust proof coating and Paint
3 Mist sprays with 4 directional misting and adjustable mist size Water proof Lighting in the tunnel
300 Liter Food grande
3 Layer Tank with Cover 1⁄2 HP self priming pump with Auto protection Electrical Control panel
Onsite Installation - 1 Hour
Disinfectant solution: Sodium hypochlorite otherwise called as chlorine bleach or organic disinfectantant,

                      or Ethanol or hydrogen peroxide is used at its lowest concentration bnWater consumption 75 liters per hour, so that the system can run continuously for 12 to 13 hours without refill


A    Fight    Initiative    Against    Covid    -19
Disinfectant Solution
Sodium Hypochlorite, or Chlorine or Bleach (NaOCI) is a safe, inexpensive and effective broad spectrum disinfectant when diluted appropriately. 
Sodium Hypochlorite is considered bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and tuberculocidal depending on the concentration. It can be used on
a variety of surfaces. Various diluted solution of sodium hypochlorite is used as
drinking water disinfectant, swimming pool disinfectant, waste water treatment or cooling water disinfectant.

Sanitizer Solution:

(Alcohol based liquid sanitizer with 80% alcohol concentration.)

Dilution Ratio: 1:1000 dilution (i.e. 1 part solution to 999 parts water), i.e. 1 Litre of 5% sodium hypochlorite solution or sanitizer solution to be mixed with 1,000 litres of water,disinfecting tunnel can be a mazor utilization for covid-19.

Mode Of Operation of Disinfectant Tunnel :
Disinfectant Tunnel Installation    in    entry    of    busy    public    spaces    like    markets,    government buildings, etc
Tank will be filled with Solution Sensors will be switched on
Public can then enter the tunnel where disinfectant solution would be sprayed 5-50 Seconds, which can be adjustable . Spraying to be 
continuous throughout the day
Solution is efficient enough to kill the virus on body/ clothes
System Don't need to be switched of , Only during cleaning and maintenance you can switch off this.
Our Nozzles are Ultra fine , which helps To generate Fogging and Vapour , which can be used to disinfect the whole body easily.
A  Fight  Initiative  Against  Covid -19

Maintenance Work of Disinfecting Tunnel:

The entire disinfection tunnel system does not require much maintenance on daily basis. Once the system is up and running, only minimal maintenance would be required like:Make Sure, No Fluctuation in Electricity for water pump Refilling of water tank ( IN Every 13-17 Hour)
Refilling of disinfectant solution

Why Our Product Is Good?

Last Long, Our Products are designed by well trained engineers, not normal welding labours
While designed the products, we kept portablity in mind. It install in just one hour
Even though raw material is not available , we tried to keep product as low as possible.
Lowest operating cost, and easy maintenance.


More and more cases coming up each day and as per projection, this can be go upto 5 Digit soon, So we have to protect our citizens 
and human kind. and this Disinfection Tunnel is a small effort towards fight against Covid-19

An    Initiative    By:    SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY.                                                                                           

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