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       Automatic Sanitizing Machine


  • Easy To Install - Can be Installed in less than 1 Hour Portable

  • Adjustable Duration For MIST Spray (5 Second To 50 Second)

  • Variable tank capacity from 50 Ltr to 300 Ltr Auto Switch off when No Person presents Saves water

  • 1/2 HP Self Priming Booster Pump For Faster Spray Washable Nozzle

  • Extra Features: Person Counter,Electrical Stability,Power backup,Solar Energy,Fire safety,Disinfecting Mat,fever alarm and  temperature detection,automatic sanitization at entry.


  • Hospitals

  • Police Station

  • Bank

  • School

  • College

  • Malls

  • Bus stands

  • Airports

  • Railway Station

  • Courts

  • Office,

  • Municipality

SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the manufacturer and supplier of disinfection tunnel or disinfectant tunnel in other words it is also called automatic sanitization machine or automatic fogging system in Bhubaneswar,Odisha.It can be used for indoor and outdoor uses.

The automated fogging system sprays the disinfectant in 360 degree angle.It is effective and useful product for sanitization of people,children,old peoples.


Last Long, Our Products are


by well trained engineers .


  • While designed the products, we kept portablity in mind. It install in just few minutes.

  • The disinfection tunnel or sanitizing chamber can be operated through manual and automatic mode.


1 year warranty on product.


  • Infrared Motion detection sensor with advance features like

  • person counter shown in led display

  • Battery Operated during no power or power cut it can work continuously.

  • Can also work with solar power saves electricity and is Eco-friendly.

  • Solar Operated Through solar panel installed at tunnel rooftop.

  • Fire Extinguisher Installed to stop any fire hazard for fire safety.


This disinfectant tunnel System is Portable , Cheap ,  Installs in Just one hour, Last for years.The automatic sanitizing cabin tunnel is the best approach to stop corona.

It  uses automatic sanitizing cabin within which nozzle are fitted to sprinkle disinfectant.



This disinfecting Tunnel is strong , durable, with over head tank, last more than 2 Year/This System is Portable,Installs in Just Three hour, Last for years.



After providing Disinfection tunnel to various organizations we learnt various things which help us to do R&D in walk through tunnel where we came with Extra Features like: Person Counter,Electrical Stability,Power backup,Solar Energy,Fire safety,Disinfecting Mat,fever alarm and temperature detection,automatic sanitization dispenser as well cctv facility at entry.


Person Counter:Person counter In led panel provides no of person entered the tunnel with beep.

Electrical Stability: Electrical Stability is the most important part where the disinfecting tunnel gets power to avoid electrical short circuit and stabilizing power supply.

Power Backup: Providing power backup for areas where power cut has been a cause we provide uninterrupted power supply upto 3-5 hours.

Solar Energy:To go green and support enviroment friendly cause we provide solat panel at top of tunnel to save electricity fr future.

Fire safety:As we know disinfection tunne