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Visitor Temperature Screening System or Automatic Visitor Temperature Recording                                                                System

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SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the manufacturer  and supplier of visitor Temperature Screening system or automatic visitor temperature recording system with show and go feature uses Artificial intelligence face recognition linux based touch less biometric with infrared array temperature detection sensor with visitor count,male and female count and data storage and supply to cloud.It works on touch less biometric and no-contact biometric authentication process.

Visitor temperature screening system or automatic visitor temperature recording system is biometric based system enabling face recognition with palm temperature detection.Highly useful for crowdy palces where people gather continuously such as malls,hotels etc .It has temperature sensor to detect temperature.It is touch less biometric and no-contact biometric. It counts daily visitor with male and female.

To protect from deadly virus both employees and visitor we are with the new temperature screening system. 

It works on touch less biometric and no-contact biometric authentication process.Where tochless systems are used to detect temperature.


 Mobile App Access Details On Mobile App


Visitor data with photo Alarm on fever detection

Photo storage of fever detected person


Wanted / Terrorist Identification on Entry To Help in Catch a Wanted or Terrorist

Cloud Storage For All Data

AI Enabled And Advanced Features at affordable price:


Last Long, Our Products are designed by well trained engineers, it can detect face and temperature within seconds .


While designed the products, we kept portablity in mind. It install in just few minutes.


1 year warranty on product.


Artificial intelleigence:
Visitor temperature screening system uses  Artificial intelleigence with linux based biometric with palm detection sensor to detect temperaure while 
showing which is touch less.

Technology Used:

Artificial Intelligence:

Visitor temperature screening system uses  Artificial intelligence with linux based biometric with palm detection sensor to detect temperature while  showing which is touch less.

Secondly it works on cloud server where temperature with face is sored with daily,weekly and monthly attendance.
It can accept face with mask.


 It is touchless biometric machine and can detect face with mask and palm teperatures within 1 to 3 seconds.

Auto Push Technology:It automatically pushes the logs both temperature and face to the server whrer the admin and user can view there temerature with attendance on mobile and web application.

Access Control : Visitor temperature screening system can be connected to acess control devices such as boom barrier or turnstiles.

Technical specification:

WIFI: yes
accuracy within 0.6 °F / 0.3 °C
Temperature detection within 1-3 seconds
Fever Temperature alarm:yes
CPU Type    Quadcore
CPU Clock    1.3GHz
RAM/Type    1 GB
ROM/Type    8 GB
Screen Size    7 inch
Communication    Wifi,TCP/IP(Optional), 3G/ Bluetooth
Screen Resolution    1024x600
Screen Brightness (cd/sqm)    250cd/sqm
Wifi Mode    802.11 b/g/n
Wifi Hotspot    YES
Wifi Direct    YES
Bluetooth Support    YES 2.0
Internal Modem    2G/3G
Support Bands    UP to 2100MHz
Sim Port    2x2FF (mini)
USB Port(Micro/Mini/A)    MicroUSMx2 (Optional)
Charger Port    DC 2.5mm
Sensor    Accelerometer
Camera Front    5.0 MP Auto Focus
Battery Capacity    4000mAh
Environmental Operating Conditions
» Temperature (degC) -5~+49
» Relative Humidity (%) 20~85 (Non Condensing)
» Storage Conditions
» Temperature -30~+60

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