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Medical approved non contact infrared thermometer

SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the dealer of medical approved non contact infrared thermometer in bhubaneswar,odisha.The infrared thermometer is manufactured by Realtime  Biometric having Make in india,ISO ,FDA,CE Approved.

We are the distributor of medical item of medical medical approved non contact infrared thermometer in bhubaneswar,odisha.

Medical Approved Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Specification:

Model                                    : JRT-018

Power Supply Voltage             : DC 3V (Two AAA alkaline Batteries)

Measured Distance                  :50-150mm

Measured Range                      :Body Temperature 32oC~42.9oC (89.6oF~109.2oF)


Measured Accuracy                  :Body Temperature (35-42)oC <_  +_

Display Resolution                   : 0.1 C/0.1 F


Operating Environment:15 degree C~45 degree C (59oF~1113oF) RH <_ Storage Environment ,-20 degree C~55 degree C (-13oF~131oF) RH <_ Operation      With In 10 Seconds

Energy Consumption               Closed <6 w Open <45mw

Unit: (degree C) /(degree F)

Close Time :                              No Operation With in 20 Seconds, Automatic Shutdown

Product Size:

Q’TY/CTN: 180x95x60mm

Box Size: 89.0g + or - 0.2g

Product Weight: 143 x 70 x 38mm

Atmospheric Pressure      89.0g +_ 0.2g

Memorize 32 Measured Value Memory

Product Memory


GB 9706.1-2007,GB/T 14710-2009

Technical Standard:No. 20202070688

Technical Requirements For Products:No.20202070688

Registration Certificate For Medical Devices

Product License


Registration Certificate For Medical Devices: No.20202070688

Technical Requirements For Products:No.20202070688

Technical Standard:GB 9706.1-2007,GB/T 14710-2009

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