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SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is distributor and dealer of video door phone access control with wifi facility.The video door phone comes under receiver mode gateway. Lucrative design attracts guests to directly contact the inside person in the room.

The video door phone comes with access control either it can be em lock or door lock If the receiver presses unlock door then after door will be unlocked .The detailed specification attached below.


The feature comes n receiver end and n transmitter ends.In other words video door phone comes with multi gateway and wireless connectivity where no required of lan networking is required.

How the owner or admin can view the live  video in mobile app with lock and unlock time .The Video door phone is designed such a way that it can send video to receiver in 180 degree angle and in night using  infrared (IR) technology and it is waterproof it uses ip66 .The sound quality is great .

The video door phone uses advanced features like video calling and battery storage in case of power cut it can be used and a mounting frame is attached for mounting in wall or door. The admin if wants can take video footage using sd card or pendrive.



Network Type: Wireless/LAN

Video Type:Single Way/Multi Way

Power Source:DC 12v

Power Supply :12 V,5 Amp

Volume:Yes(Range 1-10)

Video:Dual Camera Resolution 2 MP,5MP

Screen Resolution:1080P


Display Size:7-8 Inch

Visual Angle of Camera:180

Night Vision:Yes

Video Call-Yes

Video door phone specs

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A Video door phone with acess control and wifi is worthy for security purposes use and fill the difference.

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