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new temperature detection machine

Temperature detection biometrics
mask detection biometrics machine
temperature detection biometrics machine

SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY has brought a new shape technology to our advanced security and face recognition biometric  devices to allow with  palm and facial recognition,

We are adding one new feather to our product list with mask detection and body temperature  detection and measurement. These new products  can help prevent exposure and contribute to protecting the public from the virus and flu.

The newly launched product can recognize body temperature with mask detection can emit an alarm on high temperature. With the facility of providing biometrics attendance to the software where the temperature can be stored with attendance.

The temperature detection machine runs on linux based with tcp/ip,wifi/udisk etc.


It can be used in Offices ,hospitals,malls etc to safeguard health of our staffs. It has the capacity of face recognition of 5,000.


Face / Card / PIN capacity:5,000

Storage capacity:200,000

Recognition way:Face, Card, Password

Language: English

Self-checking function:Yes

Face FAR/ FRR:0.001/0.1(%)

Recognition ways:1:1, 1:N

CPU:Quad-core, 1.7G



Infrared Approach receiver:Yes

Touch screen:Yes

Communication: TCP/IP/USB/Udisk/wifi

Working voltage:DC12V - 24V Wide voltage design

Ambient light:0-50000Lux

Working temperature:0oC-40 oC

Working humidity:20-80%

Door sensor(EN-MG):Gate magnetic signal input

Alarm:Alarm output

Exit:Door switch signal input

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