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Biometric devices are electronic device where data as well as samples of human Fingerprint,scans are stored keeping it secure has been a great challenge but we have some methods can keep your device safe. As biometric device as well as the local host system where biometric device is linked re always subject to internet live connection of transmitting and receiving data making them most victim of malware


Let's discuss the very useful tactics


USB devices are generally used to the data's either from face recognition devices or fingerprint device so before going for it use FAT 32 format your device and then go for it

So that the log can carried out easily without affecting the biometric system.

LAN Network

If through lan or WiFi you are transmitting data to system or laptop then go for antivirus software at local software

Mostly I recommend Norton for pc.


For Industries and plants where cloud data base is stored in database engine an antivirus is also required here so that it can make all incoming and outgoing packets more secure.

At last i would configure you all with Norton-360 antivirus which is great we almost recommend it for pc and smartphone base systems.

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