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Solar cctv Dealer Mayurbhanj | With solar CCTV Installation In mayurbhanj

In the idyllic district of Mayurbhanj, situated in the eastern state of Odisha, the landscape of security and surveillance is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Leading this revolution is SKN IoT Technology, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the domain of security and surveillance. As the premier solar CCTV dealer in the region, SKN IoT Technology is pioneering a change in how Mayurbhanj approaches security, introducing solutions that are not only highly effective but also environmentally conscious.

Unleashing the Potential of Solar CCTV Solutions

The significance of solar-powered CCTV systems cannot be overstated, particularly in regions like Mayurbhanj, which contend with unreliable power supplies and extensive remote areas in need of vigilant surveillance. Here's why SKN IoT Technology's solar CCTV solutions are gaining traction:

Energy Efficiency: Solar panels efficiently harness sunlight, converting it into electrical energy. This results in substantial savings on electricity expenses and reduces the carbon footprint, making these systems both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Off-Grid Operation: Solar CCTV systems function independently of the conventional power grid. They operate seamlessly even in areas with erratic or no access to electricity, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance.

Remote Monitoring: These systems are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities, allowing users to access live footage and receive real-time alerts on their mobile devices. This feature empowers users with instant access to security updates, enhancing overall security management.

Cost-Effectiveness: Over time, solar-powered solutions prove to be cost-effective by eliminating the need for extensive and expensive cabling and redReliability: Battery backup systems ensure that solar-powered CCTV systems continue to operate during cloudy days or during the night, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted security coverage.
SKN IoT Technology: Your Trusted Security Partner
What sets SKN IoT Technology apart and establishes it as the go-to solar CCTV dealer in Mayurbhanj, Odisha? The answer lies in their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer sTailored Solutions: SKN IoT Technology recognizes that each security requirement is unique. They offer customized solar CCTV solutions that cater to specific needs, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.
Expert Installation: The company boasts a team of highly skilled and trained technicians who ensure precise installation and configuration, guaranteeing optimal system performance.
Product Quality: SKN IoT Technology sources and provides top-tier solar panels, CCTV cameras, and related equipment. This focus on product quality ensures that their systems are built to last and deliver reliable performance.
Local Expertise: With an in-depth understanding of Mayurbhanj's geography and unique security challenges, the company can provide recommendations that are perfectly aligned with the region's needs.
Ongoing Support: SKN IoT Technology doesn't just sell products; they provide comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure that your solar CCTV system continues to operate smoothly.

Securing a Sustainable Future with SKN IoT Technology

Mayurbhanj, Odisha, is experiencing rapid development and growth, making the need for robust security and surveillance solutions more critical than ever. SKN IoT Technology's solar CCTV systems represent a forward-thinking approach to addressing these security challenges while embracing sustainability.

By harnessing the power of the sun to safeguard homes, businesses, and public spaces, SKN IoT Technology is not only offering peace of mind to the community but also contributing to a greener, more energy-efficient future for Mayurbhanj. As the leading solar CCTV dealer in the region, they are at the forefront of a technological revolution that is making Mayurbhanj safer and more resilient. SKN IoT Technology's commitment to innovation and excellence is paving the way for a secure and sustainable future.



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The SKN IOT Technology is the cctv dealer in Mayurbhanj and installtion of solar cctv cameras .solar ptz cameras are of very use where on site security camera protection can be done with zero current utilization and backup power generate for night time video recording and also it can be remotely viewed and controlled through smartphone mobile app.


Visit SKN IOT Technology for cctv products and services you can contact us directly and a quotation can be given to you through hard copy and soft copy .Visit us at time given below.

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Soumya Kar

SKN not only give installing a new device also providing periodic maintainanc and on time service with its hassle free service. Strongly recommend.

Srikant Sahoo

Lot of thanks to SKN IOT Technology, Best CCTV Dealer in mayurbhanj got affordable price and service on time.

Sangram Ch Mishra

SKN is a brand of mayurbhanj awesome cctv service in mayurbhanj theynot only provide cctv camers in mayurbhanj but also provides consultation for which type of cctv fit for use.We use bullet and dome for our home in mayurbhanj.

  • How cctv camera works?
    CCTV camera are standalone system(bullet or dome camera) or moving system such as ptz monitoring video happening all around with transmitting data to dvr/nvr setup through 3+1 coxial cable or lan cable or fibre optic which can be seen instantly through monitor or moblie app or record video in hardisk.
  • How cctv camera installation can be done in bhubaneswar?
    Yes! CCTV Installation can be done through self or by proessionals.below are steps: Install bullet or dome camera t required point with connecting connectors and wiring. Pur NVR/DVR in arck mounted for safety install surveillance harddisk, and connect camera ports Login or signup in nvr/dvr after sucessful login format dvr/nvr harddisk.Now you can view the cctv camera in monitor. You can also view in mobile app just install app and scan qr code.Thats all.
  • How much cctv installation costs in bhubaneswar?
    CCTV instalation in bhubaneswar costs per camera around 300-400 in INR.Where cctv wiring and laying costs in bhubaneswar vary on distance of wire.
  • How much cctv installation for home costs in Bhubaneswar?
    In Bhubaneswar depending on no of cameras for 4 cctv camera setup in bhubaneswar it costs aroud 10,000 in INR with cctv an wiring and all acessories for better you can contact installaion team or "Ask Skn" in regard of it.For 8camer setup or higher it will increase the price as no of camera increases.
  • What is per cctv camera cost?
    Per cctv camera cost for ahd cctv camera of reputed brand will cost you around 1200 in INR and IP cctv camera of reputed make will cost you 2800 in INR currency .This prices are currently dealt in bhubaneswar,odisha.
  • what cctv to buy and are best brand cctv camera?
    Hii for residential we can go for ahd cctv camera or IP Cameras but for large sector especillay for industries plants etc we can go for IP camera. As a cctv dealing and installation company for us all brands cctv camera are best some brnds are mentioned below which can be best used for rough conditions especillay for odisha and bhubaneswar regions. 1.TVT 2.Hikvision 3.cpplus 4.dahua 5.godrej 6,bosch 7.Honeywell
  • Which cctv camera best for bhubaneswar.
    For outoor use we can go for bullet camera and for indoor use we can have dome camer for maximum resolution we have ip section of camera with 2mp,5mp etc.As for brand is considered below re the brands for office uses: 1.Pelco 2.Hi focus 3.Samsung 4.LG 5.Panasonic 6.Prama etc.
  • How cctv works in mobile phone?
    Every cctv brands in India has there our mobile app after installation cctv and setupp the qr code is available in dvr/nvr just can in the mble app you can view the ;ive video footage now some brands and there mobile app are give below through hyphen stroke. Godrej-Godrej seethru Hikvison- IVMS 4500 Cpplus-Gcmob TVT-Sperliveplus etc.
  • Which brand is best for boom barrier ?
    Brand SKN is best for automatic boom barrier with rfid and uhf comming to quality the brand SKN has got double spring adjustment system with LED back panel and many more with AI can be integrated.
  • Is boom barrier software available with uhf reader available ?
    SKN access control system is of our own brand with uhf reader integration and skn access control cloud solution is also available.
  • what is difference between parking boom barrier and toll boom barrier ?
    The primary difference between a parking boom barrier and a toll boom barrier lies in their specific applications and functionalities: Parking Boom Barrier: Purpose: Parking boom barriers are designed to control vehicle access in parking lots, garages, and similar facilities. Functionality: They are used to manage entry and exit points, regulate vehicle flow, and ensure authorized vehicles can enter or exit the parking area. Features: Parking boom barriers often come with features like ticketing systems, RFID readers, or license plate recognition systems to facilitate parking management. Toll Boom Barrier: Purpose: Toll boom barriers are specifically used in toll plazas and highway checkpoints to collect tolls from vehicles passing through. Functionality: Their primary function is to restrict or allow passage based on toll payment, typically using RFID tags, barcode readers, or automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems. Features: Toll boom barriers may also integrate with toll collection systems to automate toll payment processes and reduce traffic congestion at toll booths. while both parking boom barriers and toll boom barriers use similar mechanisms for controlling vehicle access, they are tailored to different environments and purposes: parking management for parking boom barriers and toll collection for toll boom barriers.
  • Is civil works needed in boom barrier installation ?
    Yes, civil works are often needed in boom barrier installation it includes : Foundation: Most boom barriers require a sturdy foundation to support their weight and withstand forces such as wind loads. This foundation work may involve digging, concrete pouring, and reinforcement depending on the barrier's size and specifications. Cabling and Conduit: Electrical cabling and conduit work are essential for connecting the boom barrier to power sources and control systems. This may involve trenching or creating pathways for cables to run from the barrier to control units. Mounting Structures: Some boom barriers may require mounting structures such as posts or brackets for installation. These structures need to be securely anchored to the ground or nearby structures, which may involve drilling and fixing bolts or anchors. Access Control Integration: If the boom barrier is part of an access control system, there may be additional civil works required to integrate it with gates, fencing, or other security measures. Safety Considerations: Civil works also include ensuring safety measures are in place, such as providing adequate clearance for vehicles, pedestrians, and emergency exits. while the boom barrier itself may be a mechanical or electronic device, its proper installation often involves civil engineering aspects to ensure stability, functionality, and safety.
  • What is bas?
    Bas stands for "Biometric attendance system". Generally used in Aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system where through bas portal the government employees see their attendance as well as biometric admin can see connected aadhaar tabs in the portal irrespective of states.
  • How to Put Attendance in Aadhaar biometric device ?
    It's easy task to to put attendance in Aadhaar enabled biometric device below are the steps:- Step 1: First activate biometric device through admin. Step2 : After successful biometric admin registration the employee has to proves Uidai or adhaar number in device. Step3 : After putting aadhaar id put any finger in the fingerprint sensor of aadhaa biometric attendance tab. Step 4: After putting finger in the sensor the Aebas device will match the finger with registered finger in uidai portal. Step 5 :If the fingerprint entered in aadhaar biometric device matches then itw ill pop a window with tick mark which will show the employee is digitally present in the office.
  • What is cctv camera set costs?
    CCTV Camera cost depends not only on camera but also on cctv wires and laying approximately it woul cost 10,000-00 In indian currency.
  • Which CCTV camera is best?
    Best cctv camera either for home or industrial uses are 1.Hikvision 2.cpplus 3.MI 4.Dahua 5.TVT 6.Bosch 7.Secureye 8.Godrej 9.Panasonic 10.Matrix
  • What is cctv?
    CCTV efines close circuit televsion where it is used for live monitoring a place.
  • How many types of CCTV cameras are there?
    CCTV Can be catgorized into 8 types they are :-dome camera, bullet camera, Cmount,speed dome, ahd IP, Wireless, and spy.
  • How we see CCTV on mobile?
    Yes we can see in mobile through mobile app and browser extension.Diffrent brands have there portal for mobile application such as for hikvision-ivms,godrej-godreh seethru,TVT-superliveplus,cpplus-gcmob etc.For mobile integrion can be done through scanning qr code generted in dvr or nvr ,make sure you must have internet on both mobile an dvr or nvr.
  • What is IP and Ahd cctv camera?
    IP is internet protocol camera hving higher quality than ahd cameras uses NVR,POE witch,cat6 cable,rj45 connector where higher bandwith video signal can be transferred through fibre cables. AHD -Analog high defination cameras are not able to give view as compared to ip cameras uses DVR,SMPS,3+1 Coaxial cable,,bnc c connector against as above they fail to work for long range video transmission.
  • How cctv installation can be best?
    CCTV installation can be best if done technically sound professionls either ip or ahd using brand materials with good wire either 3+`1 coaxial or cat6 both should full copper .After cctv installation make sure everything working fine.Wiring should be done through casing and weather proofing agent should be applied for outdoor camras.
  • Can anyone install cctv by himself/herself?
    Yes you can install cctv by youself but you should have little technical knowledge call our custmer support or Ask SKN you will get instant reply how to do it with all videos.
  • How to install Aebas Device?
    Its easy to install aebas device first the aadhaar biometric device from registered biometric dealer follow the steps below- Step 1: First power on biometric device install bas client apk for particular organization Step 2:Install Fm220u Apk for fingerprint scanner registration in bas client applications Then after you can move for aebas fingerprint registration.

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