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Fogging Machine For Sanitization Or Fumigation Fogger Machine

fumigating machine
fumigating machine

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fogger sanitizing machine
fogger sanitizing machine

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fogger  atomizer machine
fogger atomizer machine

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fumigating machine
fumigating machine

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SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the supplier of Fogging Machine for sanitization or fumigation fogger machine.The fumigation fogging machine is widely used for  sanitation or sanitization and as  preventive measures to reduce spread of virus.Used in  hospital , clinics , restaurant ,hotel and other public gathering places .It is an ideal electronic sprayer with plug in and use.

Brand SKN


Brand Like SKN is the well known brand with One year warranty.  

Advantages and uses


High efficient electronic sprayer used  for Disinfection services   of  Hostels,hospitals,clinics ,homes , e t c

.Resistance to fall and aging, dur able to use .Ergonomic groove , comfortable to carry .Easy to operate , turn on the power swit ch to start the spray . It is plug in play type machine does not require any technical help.



Durable and attractive design with plastic and metallic body.



Powe r Consumpt ion : 900W to1500W  DC Depends on Mode You Se l e c t .
Liquid Capacity : 100ml  Bottle
Heating Time : 3 to 4  Minutes

Control Mode : Wired Coverage
Area : 20- 40 MM square
Us e Di s t i l l ed Water Only for Long
Life of the product . .us e Ethanol based  sanitizer  /Sodium Hypochlorite Ba s ed
sanitizer .For fogging you can add 10% to 30% Glycerin to Increa se Fog Density .

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