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 Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services In Bhubaneswar

Sanitizing  & Disinfecting

Sanitizing and disinfecting has been a ground breaking formula to obstruct covid19 virus spreading.SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is providing sanitizing and disinfecting services in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Where the sanitizer and disinfectant are sprayed .By help of technologically advanced customized machines .The spraying machines are advanced, efficient and are heavy duty. By help of which disinfecting and sanitizing is done in less time as taken by manual.100 % effective to kill germs.We are providing timeless effort to clean the virus, let us work together to curve this virus.

The Disinfectant spray has been a game changing supply to disinfect or sanitize  various organizations such as schools, goverment offices, private offices,banks,police station,municipalities,collectrate,courts  and other crowdy areas.


The Disinfectant spraying is done through machines or manual mode. Use our Disinfectant manual Sprayers to spray Disinfectant liquid kill viruses. Decontamination of common public places including offices and organizations are done through our experienced personnels.

We use disinfectant Sodium hypochlorite, NaDCC (sodium dichloro-isocyanurate) powder, Chloramine – powder,bleaching powder.

SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY uses advanced Electrostatic Spraying technique or Electrostatic spraying backpacks  for Faster and efficient

movement of work.Where complex surfaces can be sanitized easily in less time as that of manual.Where Electrostatic spraying backpacks

are powered by Lithium Ion batteries for smooth operation.These Electrostatic spraying backpacks are available at best price .



  • School

  • College

  • Office

  • Room

  • Apartment

  • Temple

  • Shop

  • Mall



Depending upon the requirement we are using appropriate chemical and composition generally we are using Chemicals for disinfecting and sanitizing

  • Ethyl Alcohol based Hydrogen Peroxide as recommended by the WHO.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Sodium Hypochlorite

Description of Disinfectant Used for Sanitization:

  • 80% Alcohol based

  • Brilliant Blue Color

  • Liquid form



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