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Finger clipped oximeter or Fingertip Pulse Oximeter In Bhubaneswar ·  LED Dual Color HD with  Display Pulse Oximeter with audible alarm,· Pulse Oximeter rt-08  PULSE OXIMETER · Brand: realtime Pulse Oximeters.available in Bhubaneswar.

It is also called fingertip pulse oximeter,It is a medical equipment easy to handle and use details are below.


Model RT-08

As leading company 1 year warranty on the product,the oximeter is

Made in india initiative.


It can read pulse as well as oxygen level with high accuracy.It also provides oxygen saturation level of arterial blood in the body .


It can be used for young to adults with no specific age.

It is used to check oxygen level in body. If oxygen level is below rate specified by doctors rush the patient to nearby hospital and provide oxygen as soon as possible.

oximeter specifications


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