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SKN has been  providing  Sanitization services and disinfection services in Bhubaneswar Odisha.Sanitation is mostly required everywhere for better avoidance of impurities such as germs,bacteria,virus etc.

We carry disinfecting services with high percentage of germ freeness,We use high end devices such as industrial fogging machine or fogger with smoke services.

Helpful activities of fogging –

SKN Fogging tools provides output of around 200 sq feet smoke at once capable of entering nood and corner of room which contains chemical vixer.

We provide cleaning and sanitizing the solid surface such as floors using sodium hypo chloride at permitable concentration .

Electrostatic and electrolyzed cleaning is also done where our staff are well dressed with ppe kit ,gloves head shield,masks.

For final approach we use 90% alcohol concentration sanitizer for cleaning hand held parts, devices etc.The spraying machines are fast and presized for particular equipments. After we spray the home cleaning deo for room freshening.

sanitizing services

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