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Paddle Sanitizer Stand Machine In Bhubaneswar

paddle-sanitizer-stand -machine
Best paddle operated hand sanitizing manufacturer in bhubaneswar

SKN IOT TECHNOLOGY is the manufacturer and supplier of  paddle  sanitizer stand machine.It is the first of its type launched in bhubaneswar, Odisha.It saves electricity helps in sanitization through paddle or foot application it is easy to use it takes very less effort to press the paddle and it can be used by childrens and the respective handicapped or divyang persons also where the length of the Paddle Operated hand free Sanitizer Stand is adjustable.Manual Paddle Operated Hand Sanitizing Dispenser is easy to use .The design of the latest Paddle operated hand sanitizing dispenser is simple no risk of breakage or non workable.The paddle sanitizer stand machine is made in such a way that to promote Make In India concept and use make in India products .


The paddle sanitizer stand machine dispenser is now days very much popular product and can attract customers after having demo .It is kept on floor like saline containing stand .The paddle Operated hand free Sanitizer Stand can hold 1 litre to 5 litre sanitizer in it.The hand sanitizer used must have minimum 70%
alcohol containt. You can have detail visit our sanitizer section clicking here
.The color of the stand is wheatish or white.It is made up of steel and india made product can be widely used in Medical,offices,houses, mall,industries,shops, hospitals etc.Due to its smooth and effective operation it is getting more client reponse .The paddle operated sanitizer dispenser is the small replica  of Disinfection tunnel or walk through disinfectant tunnel depending on the concept and uses.


Mounting Mode          :kept on floor
Container Capacity     :1 / 5 Litre
Type                          :Manual
Color                         :White or wheaish
Brand                        :SKN
Body Material            :Metal or ABC
Usage or Application  :Medical,offices,houses, mall,industries,shops, hospitals etc
Operation                  : smooth
Electricity Required    : No 

Sanitizer Used:            minimum 70 % Alcohol

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